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Omega Alpha Limited

Omega Alpha Limited is an ethical consultancy based in Greater London working across the UK and Europe. It provides project management, business analysis and organisational development, change management and ICT reviews and implementation services to not-for-profit organisations including charities, schools and the public sector. It reinvests some of its profits into providing similar services, pro bono, to the wider community.

"You must be the change you want to see in the world." - Ghandi

"Doing things better and doing better things for people, projects, organisations and technology."

Our Principles

Do no harm - Make a positive difference - Leave a sustainable legacy

What We Do

Omega Alpha is a consultancy delivering a tailored service to help realise the potential of you and your organisation, asking the right questions and leading to the right answers.

We support organisations of all sizes (from small community groups to the UK's largest charities) with the following services:

bullet point Project management - if you have a project, we can help plan it, manage it and get the results you need and want

bullet point Organisational development - we advise, write business plans, suggest ways to improve and deliver training, coaching and mentoring depending on your needs

bullet point ICT reviews - we can review your ICT, develop an ICT strategy and implementation plan and help project manage your ICT projects (databases a speciality)

bullet point Change management - it if hurts we are there to hold your hand, provide advice and support to make it work and help the changes become sustainable

We provide holistic support with a humanistic approach. In other words we get the whole job done by listening, doing (the the right expertise and experience), supporting and making sure you're alright about things throughout the process.

"Discovery consists of seeing what everyone has seen and thinking what no one else has thought." - Einstein

We're not as clever as Einstein but we do know the right questions to ask and can guide and support you to a solution which works for you.

Why Do Our Customers Need Us?

bullet point Do you know your challenges but need help finding solutions along a guided path?

bullet point Do you need support and someone to ask the right questions?

bullet point Do you need specific expertise to get you to the next stage?

bullet point We help charities, social enterprises, community groups, schools and the public sector who know they can improve but who need support as weel as answers, supporting them through to sustainability.

What Do Our Customers Look Like?

bullet point They might be charities or community groups, social enterprises or partnerships, schools or other public sector bodies

bullet point They are good but know they are capable of improvement (if you're worrried you're not good you're probably better than you think so don't get scared off at this stage!)

bullet point They need support as well as answers (no point engaging a consultant to tell you what you already know)

bullet point They know some of what needs doing

bullet point They have committed leaders (usually) with some naysayers or committed teams with firefighting leaders and managers

They might be a bit like you...

Do You Think We Can Help?

If you need support around project management, ICT, organisational development or change management we may be able to help. Why not email us or give us a call (please leave a voicemail if you can't reach us the first time)? We love our clients and keep working with them year after year but are always open to new opportunities and are keen to learn from you as well as support you.


Thank you for taking the time to consider Omega Alpha. We appreciate your interest and we'd like to help you. Remember, we're only an email away!

Second Floor, 59 Freelands Road, Bromley, Kent, BR1 3HZ.
Tel: 07958 292990 or 020 8249 3106

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