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Organisation Development and Management Consultancy

Omega Alpha Limited is an ethical consultancy based in Greater London working across the UK and Europe. It provides project management, business analysis and organisational development, change management and ICT reviews and implementation services to not-for-profit organisations including charities, schools and the public sector. It reinvests some of its profits into providing similar services, pro bono, to the wider community.

"You must be the change you want to see in the world." - Ghandi

"Wisdom is to recognise what can be made better and make it better,
and to recognise what can only be made worse and walk away."

All organisations are businesses of one form or another. From the smallest community group to the largest public sector organisation, the point of the organisation is to raise funds to spend revenue to deliver a service.

Omega Alpha is concerned with how organisations operate and we have particular experience in the not-for-profit sector with our lead consultant having run a small charitable organisation (IT4Communities, the national IT volunteering programme) and sat on a number of boards of similar organisations (including the Project Board of the ICT Consortium planning national ICT infrastructure in the voluntary and community sector).

From simple strategic advice through to business planning and strategic analysis, we can apply expertise and experience to make your organisation more effective. Whether you want to increase your profile, improve your services or simply do something better, faster, cheaper, we can help you. If, after our initial consultation, we feel that the benefit you might get is less than the cost of our services, we will tell you that and step down. No one can afford to waste money in this sector.

We take account of all relevant factors when proposing plans. Our experience enables us to propose solutions which are both sensible and effective, rather than wildly over ambitious and impossible to implement. We know the kinds of issues at work in your organisation and sector and will sit down with you to find out the relevant concerns right at the beginning. Change is not an easy thing to deal with and engagement is key to the process of any organisational development.

Omega Alpha provides interim management, project management and strategy consultancy services. We develop business plans, conduct research and provide recommendations, strategic analysis and facilitate change management issues within your organisation. With experience of working on issues to national level and government level, we can advise on and provide support around most strategic plans.

A good strategy is one by which a organisation can gain significant ground on its competitors at an acceptable cost to itself. It also needs to be a strategy which the organisation is capable of implementing.

We will devise, negotiate and help implement a winning strategy and plan for your organisation. We work WITH YOU to HELP YOU make YOUR ORGANISATION BETTER. We will talk you through the process in plain English.

Call us now on 07958 292990 or email An intial discussion will cost you just a few minutes of your time and the price of a phone call. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for taking the time to consider Omega Alpha. We appreciate your interest and we'd like to help you. Remember, we're only an email away!

Second Floor, 59 Freelands Road, Bromley, Kent, BR1 3HZ.
Tel: 07958 292990 or 020 8249 3106

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