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Corporate Community Involvement Policy

Omega Alpha Limited is an ethical consultancy based in Greater London working across the UK and Europe. It provides project management, business analysis and organisational development, change management and ICT reviews and implementation services to not-for-profit organisations including charities, schools and the public sector. It reinvests some of its profits into providing similar services, pro bono, to the wider community.

"You must be the change you want to see in the world." - Ghandi

Our Corporate Community Involvement Policy

1. Omega Alpha Limited has a formal commitment to working in partnership, through growth-enabling and sustainability projects, with charities,voluntary and community groups and educational providers including schools and school partnerships. Our focus is on developing and implementing effective projects and programmes and enabling organisational improvement through strategy, business processes and appropriate technology rather than delivering non-sustainable project work.

2. All work must fall into the following categories (in line with Omega
Alpha's business competencies):

bullet point organisational improvement and business development,

bullet point information management,

bullet point project management

bullet point use of information and communications technology to promote and develop the organisation/people/community its serves.

3. Focus on support for groups in the following areas:

bullet point BME (black and minority ethnic groups),

bullet point groups against domestic violence (and/or abuse but not specifically related to children or human rights),

bullet point children and young people (including schools and youth services)

bullet point disability (but preferably applied to technology and accessibility of information)

bullet point second tier voluntary organisations supporting capacity building and infrastructure development for small charities

bullet point homelessness or housing services

These focus areas have been developed from grass roots consultations as areas which are in need of stimulus and business support but which are sometimes dismissed by larger businesses as 'unattractive.' They also build on previous work delivered (as both Omega Alpha and in conjunction with preponderate members) and enable us to 'deliver' at lower costs, maximising resources into the sector, and with greater understanding of the issues and specific sector.

4. Omega Alpha works on local, regional and national levels. Support may be provided to UK-based national organisations irrespective of the locations of their individual offices. Regional-based support is currently provided in Greater London.

5. A commitment to CSR (corporate social responsibility) through:

bullet point employee volunteering (Omega Alpha, and through management of preponderate),

bullet point environmental awareness,

bullet point cause related marketing (promotion of, and development project on ICT accessibility/compliance)

bullet point diversity (built into preponderate membership and through pro bono projects and work across cultural and community boundaries).

Note: Omega Alpha does NOT make financial contributions to groups except in the most exceptional circumstances. Applications for financial support from this company are liable to invalidate future applications for our support. We believe our most sustainable commitment comes from sharing our expertise and time and will continue to deliver our resources in this manner.

Notes for community and voluntary groups wishing to obtain pro bono (or other) support from Omega Alpha Limited

1. Omega Alpha prefers to deliver support through brokers who will manage the relationship. These include, but are not limited toIT4Communities. Should you wish to make a direct application for support, we may well refer you through a broker but consent to take the project at an appropriate time.

2. Your group must be capable of making effective use of the support we provide. We are happy to work with even the smallest community groups but you must make a commitment to make best use of our pro bono time and resources. If you do not feel you are in a position to make effective use of business support, we recommend you investigate a 'capacity building program' or apply for support through an appropriate agency such as your local Council for Voluntary Services.

3. You MUST make a commitment to work WITH us. If we deliver our support and resource free of charge, we insist that you work with us in a professional manner. Unfortunately, we have had bad experiences of groups who simply want us to 'fix something up' and fail to communicate with us or take account of their own responsibilities or agreed deadlines. We are not in the habit of providing free 'off the shelf' solutions but prefer to work WITH you to help YOUR organisation. If you cannot provide any evidence of, or intention of, being able to sustain the work which we deliver, we are unlikely to accept your proposal. We understand that groups need support, especially in technology issues, but we cannot provide endless resources for individual groups. We will, however, try to signpost you to groups who can help your organisation develop to the stage where business support becomes more practical.

4. DO NOT MAKE AN APPLICATION FOR FINANCIAL SUPPORT. It will be rejected and your group may well be excluded from any future support from the company and its subsidiaries.

5. We will generally acknowledge your application by email within ten working days of receipt. If your application does not include an email address, but does include a postal address, we will acknowledge your application by letter within fifteen working days of receipt.

6. All applications for support are considered at Director level. If your application for support is resourceable but borderline on either geography or focus area, it may be submitted to another director for further review. In any event, you will receive notification of whether we are willing, and able, to support your application, no later than 20 working days after it's receipt. If your application is unsuccessful, we will provide you with details as to why it has been unsuccessful at that time.

7. You have the right to appeal, by letter, against an unsuccessful application. However, the capacity of Omega Alpha to deliver pro bono support into the community is limited by the resources it has available at the time. If we cannot help you, we will try to signpost you to other groups who can. In the event that we do not feel your application is appropriate for pro bono support, whether from Omega Alpha or other organisations, we will clearly state this and may ask you to resubmit an amended application at a later date.

8. If your application is for a large scale project, is relevant to areas we would normally support but is not resourceable, for reasons of scale, from our pro bono activities, we may work with you to develop your application into a funding proposal. If we do this, you are not, at any stage, obliged to procure our services for delivery of the funded project. However, we are not a fundraising service and will only provide support and advice for fundraising at our discretion and instigation. You are strongly advised to contact your local Council for Voluntary Service if you wish to obtain general fundraising support.

9. Should you have any questions, please email or make a written application by post to the address at the bottom of this page. We do not review initial applications over the telephone.

Omega Alpha, September 2010

Thank you for taking the time to consider Omega Alpha. We appreciate your interest and we'd like to help you. Remember, we're only an email away!

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